Cabinet held its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haidar al - Abbadi

2016-09-18 20:57:23 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The cabinet held its regular Sunday 18 September 2016 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi and issued a number of decisions , including:

1 / approval of the Japanese loan projects , namely:
First / a- finance the implementation phase of the tanker lines for water project Basra great book contained under the Ministry of Construction and Housing with a number: 2706, dated 08.25.2016, through the Japanese loan.
Second / 1. Lands Reclamation Hnavih - Nasserite space (20,000) acres.
2. rehabilitation of old irrigation work channels and rehabilitation of irrigation work projects for areas that have been liberated from the Daesh terrorist gangs.

2 / discuss the recent talks between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund committee was formed to follow up the developments of the talks.

3 / approval to approve the freeze terrorist funds system.

4 / approve the request of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation signed message wages to the Convention on borrowing between the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi , according to the terms proposed by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation contained in the letter of the Ministry of Finance with a number: IQD / 10358/5, dated 23/8 / that 2016.

5 / remodeling project Commercial Agency Regulatory Act reaffirmed the Council of Ministers.

6 / discuss a contingency plan for Iraqi Airways.

7 / modification Cabinet Resolution No. (147) for the year 2016 on the dues of farmers exchange in the liberated areas.

8 / approval to hold the third round of the ranks ended elementary, middle and junior high exams that are central commitment Ptoukitat acceptance adopted in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research , without waiting for the results of the third round.

Information Office of the Prime Minister
18 September 2016