International coalition waging a 21 raid in Iraq, Syria
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international coalition forces led by the United States launched a raid on 21 locations and militants organize Daesh in Iraq and Syria over the past 24 hours in the process of [ the inherent torque.
She said the central leadership of the operations of coalition forces in a statement on Sunday that "planes launched eight raids on sites [Daesh in Iraq near Hit, Mosul and Sultan Abdullah - based areas."
He pointed to " the implementation of the 13 air strike in Syria near the areas of Abu Kamal and Raqqa and Deir al - Zour and Mare`" pointing Lai said , "one raid near Deir al - Zour was aimed primarily a site believed to be to organize [Daesh] but it seems to hit a unit of the army of the Syrian regime by mistake."
and revealed that "this incident is currently under investigation to ascertain the cause of the error happened."