Iraq calls for NAM summit to abandon neutrality in the war on terrorism and asks support

2016/9/18 22:08

[Oan- Baghdad]

Foreign Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the NAM summit which concludes in Venezuela states, on Sunday, to abandon neutrality in the war on terrorism and to support Iraq out.

Jaafari said in a speech Iraq speech at the summit of the leaders and presidents of the Non-seventeen-Aligned Movement in Venezuela, "What does the Non-Aligned ?, Are Non-Aligned Movement is the lack of interaction with the world events, stand away from what is happening from the injustices in this continent, and in that continent, and in the this country, and that country ?, Does it mean that the non-aligned stand idly about the injustices that have spread today in all continents of the world, and in all countries of the world? What does it mean .. non-aligned Movement, was neutral neutral negative does not interfere in the affairs of a, um neutrality means to deal positively with this state, and that state, and stand in solidarity with the underdog this country, and that other country? ".

"We need to define this concept, and we must take the concept of the Non-Aligned deep interaction with the world's problems, and suffering. World today is filled with a lot of ironies, where human freedom violation, and human dignity profane," adding that "the group that founded the Non-Aligned Movement were not live today's world the world of terrorism, but if you can imagine that those who founded the non-aligned see what they see the world today where the spread of terrorism in all continents of the world, and blow this country, and that country. "

The Jaafari "must Non-Aligned Movement should not be immobilized on the establishment phase, the concept of the Non-Aligned concept of moving a dynamic open to new things, and open to new ambitions, and seek to achieve them, as well as opening up to new problems, and seeks to address them, and stand with her face, and the whole world today is witnessing a world war three new different from the first World war, and is different from the second world war, the first war was a military armies of war fighting among themselves, and World war II Antceft 50% armies, and 50% of civilian institutions, but this third war, it is only among civilians : children, women, and the elderly, and young people everywhere with their victims humane social class, this new war. "

He Mkhtaba members of the summit, "I come from Iraq stricken country a terrorist, the country that gave a terrorist victims, a country that faces bravely terrorism, a country that recorded victories on the ground, which is when they win not only win for the people of Iraq but win for each of your countries; because terrorism does not exclude countries , we do not exclude, nor excludes nationalist, but is trying to spread in various regions of the world, not only for us that we all face. "

The foreign minister said "I look forward to see a gallery of the Non-Aligned ample share of attention speech, and Tnzira, and culture, and help on all levels. You must stand by the stricken terror states, terrorism flock of children of the world who belong to the major Damaqrattiyatkm from all over the world come to Iraq to spread the banner of the war, fighting, racism and exclusion, and we do not judge them from the countries of the world. "

He pointed out that "nationalities who came to Iraq to fight terrorism on behalf of belonging to 100 countries in the world some of whom belong to the great democracies of the world have come to Iraq to engage in this work, and the sons of the Iraqi people continue, and fighting Bastpsahl."

The Foreign Minister pointed out that "the sheer number of those killed in the dictatorship buried in Iraqi Kurdistan in Halabja time, and in the Anfal, in the popular revolution has exceeded half a million innocent people were buried alive in mass graves. This is a hadith which is trying to extend itself terrorism, extends to each of these areas. what stopped at Iraq, and Syria is rampant today in the form of terrorist organizations, as well as the case of Libya, Tunisia, and the various regions of the world, where we are from these events? ".

"It is not enough to turn our speeches through these halls, and corridors, but must register to attend the culture equivalent to the culture of terrorism, the thought is equivalent to the thought of terrorism, the moral equivalent moral terrorism, and there is money finances terrorism, and there is media terrorism, and there are countries that will train these terrorists process and send them to other areas. this is the reality we live in the face of terrorism, global terrorism, and we must put the global equivalent of terrorism, and Ncia peace. "

He explained that "Daesh Wars took the recipe markets War, hospitals, schools, and holidays, and the disaster that swept in Iraq ahead of the feast two days elapsed since the market the day of Eid, killing hundreds of innocent women and children as they shop for holiday .. Registration is required positions in the fields of confrontation, we must to stand by countries that plague, threatening to terrorism. "

He stressed that "Iraq today is different from Iraq's past, the former Iraq to wage wars on geographical neighbors, the State of Kuwait came under occupation by Saddam Hussein, and Saudi Arabia was bombed guns of Saddam Hussein, and the Islamic Republic of Iran came to the longest war in the twentieth century eight years waged by Saddam Hussein on the Islamic Republic, and inside Iraq there were local wars, including: the suppression of the popular revolution in the center and south, and the suppression of the uprising Mohamed Mazloum in Anbar, the suppression and destruction of the chemical in the Kurdistan region, so was Iraq. "

He noted that "Iraq today is witnessing chapters electoral democracy, all the people and contribute to the whole election, this is the new Iraq, the new Iraq did not ignite sedition, not a battle, not a war, and did not affect the sovereignty of the geographical neighbors, and Iraq entered into the finest relations with these countries, whether Turkey, or Iran, or Syria, or Kuwait or Jordan are all Ihzawn with all respect and appreciation by the Iraqi people, and by the new government, and Iraq today goes a long way on the path of democracy and the establishment of democracy. "

He said the "attempt to terrorism distort the image of Islam, this great religion like other religions that rights respected, and their rights, the word Islam is derived from peace, and love, these and appreciation name of Islam are trying to contaminate the image of Islam, and claim that they are Muslims, and this is the duty of the international community all to see through the citizens more than a billion and a half billion Muslims scattered in various countries around the world, and spread them love, brotherhood, and science, and coexistence, and testify well on Muslims in your country how exposed Islam, the concept of religion to distort; therefore it is our duty to stand in general this blind extremism, and we to stand with his face firmly, and courage. "

Jaafari said "hopefully the countries of our Movement today is to support the Iraqi people, and to stand by his side, and Iraqis have registered victories remarkable in more than one area, and provide their children, carrying their lives on the palms to register victories, has scored victories have cleansed Fallujah Conception Aldoaash and, God willing the next battle will be in Mosul, and this victory and that the Iraqis carry our children at home, but the triumph of you, for each of your countries without exception; because the risk of terrorism and Daesh knocks Tabolh all countries of the world. "

He stressed that "Iraq today insist on the establishment of a state that respects human rights, and respect for international conventions, and respects the geographical neighbors, and estimated that there is a world without problems, but the Non-Aligned Movement should take into account as a conference that we have to address these problems, and must be addressed, and puts in his account that the world respects only the strong, strong fairness, compassion and strong, and strong humanity .. these terrorists Atvennon in the killing of innocent women, children and the elderly, and the elderly, adult, youth, Ihrkonhm alive. "

"The Iraqi people are fighting armed his troops valiant of various components of the popular crowd courageous, and sacred to the Peshmerga brothers the Kurds to the sons of the Iraqi National clans, all combine their efforts for confrontation, and this experience worth studying, and worthy of scrutiny, and worthy of generalization. When the country was prone to abuse must each of the people the various components that roll up sleeves, and continue their struggle to conquer the forces of Satan. "

He noted, "We are but fight despite the exceptional circumstances experienced by Iraq of the sharp drop in oil prices and a sharp rise in the level of expenditure to finance the Iraqi armed forces with the sharp decline in resources, and the sharp rise of expenditures, however, the Iraqis are fighting, and insist that they be a registered victories, we are working under the slogan [investment to support security and reconstruction ", stressing that" Iraq's security is threatened, and the security of the region and the world as well as the security is threatened, as is the impact of the reconstruction; therefore doubling our efforts in order to evaluate investment to support security and reconstruction. "