Abadi: Iraq is now more unified than before the fall of Mosul and the Turkish presence hinders efforts to fight Daesh [Extended]

2016/9/18 20:47

[Oan- Baghdad]

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said that "Iraq is now more unified than before the fall of the city of Mosul" However Daesh terrorist gangs in June 2014.

Abadi said during a news conference after a cabinet meeting on Sunday, "a unified Iraq, now more than before, it was two years before the collapse of doubt to enter Daesh and everything is heading down."

On asked about the extent of his conviction in whether made achievements as prime minister nearly two years ago answered Abadi "I think we have made a lot of promises and change the whole situation, Iraq was considered a rich When I took office Anfkhaddt oil prices, economists and asked me about how Gdaratna budget and we go into the midst of the war and with the same time provide services and the reconstruction of liberated areas? this is a big challenge. "

He added, "we deal with sectarian tensions and prejudices exist and there were some areas were not welcoming the security of our troops in Qayyarah, Mosul and Anbar, Salahuddin and now began to welcome them and this is a big turning around our military and to advocate for all components of the people."

He pointed Abadi, speaking of his accomplishments, "as we have succeeded in the transfer of powers to the provinces and local governments."

And the presence of Turkish troops in the northern city of Mosul, renewed its call Abadi Ankara to withdraw its forces immediately from Iraq and said, "Turkish forces impede our efforts in the fight against Daesh This is a solemn words and convinced him."

He stressed, "We have no problem with the Turkish people or the Turkish government, but with the mental-run, which they must know that Iraq is a neighbor and we want to build relations based on shared interests but to send troops we reject them under the pretext of fighting the PKK with determination to survive is not justified nor we know where we put it ?! ".

He was the prime minister "was surprised at the survival and the presence of Turkish troops are not welcome and they give us a proposal for survival and we rejected and we are ready to find a way out for them," asserting that "the presence of Turkish troops is not the consent of the Iraqi government as they claim and say they have to Akaddoa evidence otherwise."

He asked "must issue a Turkish decision to withdraw Turkish troops and their presence is sound and poisons the atmosphere and relationships," noting that "if the Turkish power serious fight Daesh it withdraw its troops, there are doubts and fears of Iraqis in this presence and on Turkey to withdraw its troops."

And his upcoming visit to New York to attend the meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations, al-Abadi pointed out that "this meeting will continue his visit to three days," revealing that "a meeting with the leaders and heads of states will be 30".

He pointed out, he "received a request from US President Barack Obama for a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the meeting," stressing that "the lack of communication yet between him and presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump."

The Iraqi prime minister, expressed the hope that the US elections do not affect Washington's support for Iraq in the military and logistical side in the war on Daesh.

"I hope that the US elections will not affect Iraq is important, international support for Iraq and the battle to liberate Mosul important to us and the whole world," noting that "terrorist Daesh organization like establish a mini-state in Mosul and our goal defeated liberation of the city and will be a fatal blow for the organization and I hope that the American elections do not affect the support for Iraq and the role of the military advisers. "

The Abadi, that "the Iraqis are sacrificing their lives and their ability to liberate the cities and the whole world's interest that Iraq succeed in this task," pointing to "the continuation of preparations for the Liberation of the city of Mosul, the end of this year."

He declined the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to determine the zero hour for the start of the process, but reiterated his hope that the liberation of the city will be at the end of 2016, "revealing" some claim [without Tzmthm] to postpone the battle of Mosul and say both must be freed. "

The Prime Minister emphasized, "We have to find a national political dialogue coincides with the release of Mosul and we are working on this."

And what are the force that will participate in the process, including the popular crowd, Abadi said, that "the Iraqi interest is define the participation of any force the liberalization of Mosul and private centers of cities where specific plans have developed and if there is a post popular for the crowd, he will attend a specific Baktat and also applies to the rest of the military formations to minimize the loss and damage, "adding that" Daesh Tstfit of political disputes and we bring people together to speed up liberalization ".

He warned "that terrorism is an international problem and will remain a serious challenge until after the liberation of areas," stressing that "Daesh try after the liberation of any areas to respond and killing of citizens as a message to his supporters the need for financial support, but we are still committed to liberalization plan properly."

The Prime Minister added "It is possible that we are a military operation but our priority is to preserve the lives of the fighters and to reduce losses and increase support to them, as well as edit the citizens and the preservation of their lives," adding that "war is not easy and there are incubators for terrorism and we succeeded to dismantle Daesh cells" again, "warned Ban terrorism will remain a threat and the more success we have achieved is trying to appeal to escalate the killing of civilians dissonant voices and there is a political cover for the media and financial Daesh. "

He stressed, "We have a plan for the reconstruction of liberated areas which schools and main roads, water, electricity, aims to stabilize the locals."
And reshuffle Abadi revealed he would present the amendment to the House after returning from a scheduled visit to New York, "adding," It would not discuss this amendment during the visit as an Iraqi affair. "

"After my return from the visit, I will reshuffle to the parliament and there are still discussions in this regard in order to maintain balance Almkoonati the Iraqi people, have reached a solution that does not quite, but I want to ensure that the parliament sessions properly and the oldest in the reshuffle."

On the Cabinet's decision to hold a third role for students in the public Algrasse 2015- 2016, al-Abadi, he said that "the central university admissions Iraqi and institutes will not be delayed until the holding of this role, as will the students passing the expense of the first and second floors and a punishment for them and the injustice of their rights."