Encourage investment needs to be an attractive regulatory environment

9/18/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD morning
tightened competent in economic affairs Inas al - Zubaidi on the need to promote the sectors of production at a time when the country is suffering financial hardship has affected the reality of work Mlhod.

She noted in an interview for the "morning" that encourage investment attraction requires that coincides with the structural changes in the regulatory environment and structures of institutions economic as well as aspects of fiscal spending, noting the importance of a review of all other laws and the application of international standards and the development of the stock market combination.

It showed that the banking system bear a wide responsibility for the success of economic reform programs, and will require significant efficacy of private banks and work to finance large development projects that there will be a prominent role for financial intermediaries in stimulating the market money.

It showed that the existing legislation in many sectors need to be reviewed to enhance the overall growth in the framework of the reform process and the wide covering various aspects of the work, to eliminate corruption and bureaucracy, control and other concomitant diseases for some departments and institutions. Zubaidi said that the current and the next stage requires activating the role of the private sector in sustainable development, and this raises the importance of the development of the local business environment so as to be polarized national and foreign investments.