American forces about the Edit battle arrangements connector

2016-09-18 17:03:08

Baghdad/sky press:

Mark Kimmitt, former Vice Chairman of the U.S. military's central command in Iraq to appoint Stephen tosind new Commander of us forces in Iraq is an indication of the approach of "decisiveness".

In remarks to reporters, Kemet emphasizes that "tosind is known for his abilities in urban wars and counterinsurgency operations," but by sustained political action Rhine Kemet arrangements after the battle.

According to observers, "before Barack Obama administration hard work, interest in annexation defeat ISIS in Mosul to record their achievements must be accompanied by the diplomatic efforts of the Iraqi Government, once to answer the burning question about the groups involved in the process, and again for a clear strategy to post edit town, so don't erupt in sectarian violence particularly against year."+

This explains the context in which it came visiting us Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Lincoln to Baghdad and Kurdistan, she said "the visit came to discuss the security and political arrangements in light of the battle of Mosul."

And may occur during the visit Lincoln on battle of Mosul and u.s. efforts to support the Iraqi Government and make arrangements for this battle, and increased support of relief from the United States to be displaced from Mosul crisis.

Washington create conditions on the ground and financial support to face the crisis of the exodus unexpectedly with start the process of restoring and seeking to launch an agreement between Iraqi political parties in the turbulent political scene YS KOA, despite us pace accelerated in order to accomplish all that within months of the present administration, it depends for success in decoding political knot pave the way for an easier battle to reclaim Mosul, according to observers.