Hakim calls for administrative revolution and resolve filled proxy sites and the reduction of the age of the nomination

18/09/2016 16:51

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Counting head of the Iraqi National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, the enjoyment of the youth culture of political action "important" political reform being input form the majority community, calling for a management revolution would eliminate red tape and bureaucracy, and the multiplicity of laws and presented, and the resolution of filled positions by proxy, reduce filtration age of the parliament and provincial councils and reduce the number of their members

This came during a meeting with al-Hakim in "Diwan Baghdad" on Saturday, a group of youth leaders at his office in Baghdad, according to a statement to the media office, was released on Sunday, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it.

The head of the National Alliance, said that "Iraq needs an administrative revolution would eliminate red tape and bureaucracy, and the multiplicity of laws and presented," calling for "consistent with the laws of evolution and mutations taking place in private science management science."

He said al-Hakim, that "the youth of Iraqi society and illustrated by the figures, a great opportunity and a large challenge, which requires a reform strategy to enable young people to play a role commensurate with their size and their position in society," and urged "the young state that is the title of Iraqi society young man."

The new head of the National Alliance, the call to "resolve the issue of filling the sites by proxy and open competition in front of everyone away from the cronyism and partisanship that efficiency be a criterion for differentiation," stressing the need to "reduce the filtration age and reduce the number of provincial seats and the House of Representatives."

The al-Hakim, the importance of "curriculum development and adoption of disciplines needed by the Iraqi society, and the national culture among young people and respect for diversity and the consolidation of societal values," pointing to the importance of "taking the harsh lessons suffered by the Iraqi situation as a result of its economy, rent-seeking associated with the commodity is not determined is but determined global policy circles. "

He urged the president of the National Alliance, the "economic empowerment of the community by enabling it to economic events and activation of industry and agriculture as well as the attention of the security for the next challenge, which is the demise of the military Daesh and the survival of the security threat that requires activation of the intelligence effort and the presence of capable leaders to go to the historic compromise which does not have begun to see their own interests ".