MPs Basra demanding the rehabilitation of iron and steel plant and refuse to integrate South fertilizer Northern Area

18/09/2016 16:13

Long-Presse / Basra

Deputies asked for the province of Basra, on Sunday, the rehabilitation of iron and steel plant and utilization of production capacity in achieving financial revenues for the benefit of the province's budget, and accused of "political parties" to work on the targeting of Basra's economy, as revealed a meeting with the relevant committee in the Council of Ministers, in connection with the same subject during the coming days, they stressed their rejection of the decision to integrate the South fertilizer plant with the Baiji plant in the northern region.

The MP said the state law, Khalaf Abdul Samad, during a press conference held in the iron and steel plant, in Basra province, in an interview with (long-Presse), said that "to retain the suspended iron and steel plant in the province has a great economic impact on the reality of the domestic product and the standard of living for many families, especially now that the lab houses more than five thousand workers, as well as production capacity reaching about 500,000 tons per year, "stressing" the need to direct Ptohelh. "

He expressed Abdul Samad, surprised at the "scrap iron sale (Scrap), to Erbil Steel Plant which is located in the Kurdistan region, and returned to Basra at the time the plant is available to perform the same purpose, but he is not qualified until now," accusing "political actors and investors, to hit Basra province's economy. "

He revealed Abdul Samad, for "forthcoming meeting in the coming days to the deputy governors with the relevant committee in the Council of Ministers to persuade it to rehabilitate the iron and steel plant."

For his part, MP for the National Reform Movement, Zaher al-Abadi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "there are targets hidden wills target Basra economically, represented by taking a decision not to rehabilitate the iron and steel plant, as well as not to encourage the local product for laboratory South fertilizers and integrated with Baiji plant in the northern region, "expressing" opposition to such measures, "calling on" the government decision-makers in the central government to open an investigation to find out the reasons and motivations behind those decisions. "

He said al-Abadi, said that "South fertilizer plant produces urea fertilizer is enough to meet domestic needs but what is happening is the purchase of urea from other countries, leaving the local product fills the stores without that there are programs and plans to promote the national industry and to reduce the volume of imported foreign."

He announced the Basra Governorate Council, last August 2016, re-run South fertilizer plant closing decision of the Energy Committee in the cabinet, with the exception that the closure decision "did not take into account the importance of the plant to the national economy, deputy state law Khalaf Abdul Samad threatened to collect signatures to form a committee to investigate the decision to close the lab.