Work: Legislation pension law, social security and stimulate the private sector

2016/9/18 14:25

[Where - Baghdad]

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa Sudan said on Sunday that "the government has a plan of action and programs focused in part, first to reduce expenses and the State Administration According imports offered by the financial situation of the country and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs operates under the premise that would tracks correct and guide Compass work towards the private sector. "

And between the Sudanese that "one of the most effective steps that the ministry is keen to implement the revitalization of the private sector is the law of retirement and social security for workers as it contains features that will reduce the momentum in the public sector and the trend towards the private sector, including those related to health guarantees and social, cultural and educational as well as salary increases down to establishing an integrated social protection system for the worker. "

"The law of retirement and social security to the workers before the eyes of the Council of Ministers for consideration and discussion, pointing out that the ministry will be measures to increase the number of workers covered by laws by conducting tactical campaign across the country to urge workers to enroll in the Department of pension, social security and its affiliates."

The minister said that "the law will include the inclusion of labor groups marginalized and poor were not covered by the previous law, they are working in the informal sector, such as working family [sewing and the like] and acts [of Agriculture and Irrigation, and street vendors, and seasonal workers, photographers street, and stockbrokers, and the guards, and gatekeepers, and collectors garbage, and distributors of books, newspapers, and the porters, and pigmentary shoes, car cleaners]. "

Sudan stressed that "the privileges of the new law for retirement and social security for workers is the expansion of the membership of the Guarantee Fund to cover [the Ministry of Health, the body of national investment, and the Department of Employment and loans]," adding that "the pension fund and social security for workers charismatic moral [policy-making, and invest the money and approval of the draft general budget] as well as the advancement of the financial efficiency of the Fund [ways to increase the resources of the Fund]. "

In a related context between the ministry spokesman Labour and Social Affairs Ammar Menem "The ministry is keen to make the necessary adjustments to improve the contents of the law to be a supportive factor for the positive step to support the private sector."

He pointed out that "the amendments task Optional guarantee means universally employers and self-employed in the informal sector through the organization form by the Department of pension and social security for workers clarifying the desire Login under the umbrella of social security and have affiliations by salary repaid him to participate, rather than ensuring SN allocated for the protection of workers laid off from work in accordance with the fundamentalist contexts followed the circuit for this purpose. "