Front reform: Sentih symbol of the symbols of corruption in the next parliamentary sessions
13:24 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Promised reform front, the Sabbath, that claims to re-vote on the lack of conviction to question Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari is "illegal", noting that the upcoming parliamentary sessions will overthrow the symbol of the symbols of corruption.
The MP said the front Mansour Baaja L / balance News /, "The House of Representatives voted against conviction answers to the Minister of Finance, the next stage will witness the withdrawal of confidence with him," noting that "any attempt by the bloc, which belongs to the minister, is the obstruction of the work of the oversight role of Parliament." .
He Baaja, that "the consensus between the political blocs phase is over, and any minister to prove his shortcomings in front of the House of Representatives and is available upon sufficient pull him trust, and displays in front of the judiciary."
Taban and that "the veteran minister has been in place for two years, something that does not exist in the Iraqi political life, as a result of the political consensus and quotas or abhorrent that we got to where we are."
He stressed that "the Front insists on its position of not being content with answers and Minister of Finance and will work on the steps of the vote on his dismissal by secret ballot to ensure that the House of Representatives to any pressure by the heads of blocs."
He pointed out, "The next meeting will in case of a paragraph to vote on the staircase and Finance Minister symbol of the symbols of corruption over the past years."
He explained that "the deputies reform front will work hard to achieve it and real reform to remove these icons and an end to the consensus and quotas that were destroyed and exhausted the country," .anth