Iraq intends to participate in the draft put forward by Britain to establish a Special Court for terrorists of ISIS

2016/9/17 16:18

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Foreign Minister informed British Interior Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, amber Rudd Iraq's intention to participate in the project by Britain to establish a special court to ISIS terrorists.

The Ministry said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} Jafari on the road, they discussed bilateral relations and ways to meet the aspiration of the two countries, the two sides also discussed a number of issues of common interest.

Jaafari called it said "the British side to facilitate the granting of visas for Iraqis, both official delegations, to help Iraq recover funds the Iraqi people from an Iraqi figures convicted of robbery and financial wrongdoing, and help restore Iraqi antiquities smuggled into Britain and stop sale auctions.

He stressed that Iraq will participate in the project to establish a Special Court for ISIS terrorists by Britain, stating that Iraq had already presented a project to criminalize extremist thinking and States that support extremist curriculum schools. "

For her part she amber Rudd said "her willingness to provide support and assistance, and parking of Britain along with Iraq".