Reconstruction plans to send all water stations start diesel generators in Anbar

2016/9/17 16:20

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} construction and Housing Ministry, municipalities, its intention to provide water stations in Anbar with diesel generators to ensure they run and reach 100% production.

The Ministry said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} copy of it today to "technical agent for the Ministry of construction and housing, municipalities, Jaber Abdel khaagy discussed with the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Anbar Faleh Al-Issawi County needs reconstruction efforts the liberated towns."

Artistic agent indicated by the statement that "the Ministry has restored basic services for cities and especially safe drinking water and water plants will supply diesel generator for access to 100% of the water production and coverage of all neighborhoods of Fallujah safe drinking water and the technical need to provide proxy statements of Ministry bridges are destroyed by terrorist ISIS as directed by the Minister of construction and housing and municipalities for the purpose of reconstruction of World Bank loan fund and reconstruction of liberated areas."

Vice Chairman hailed Anbar Faleh Al-Issawi said "efforts which resulted in the return of displaced persons to their homes."

The Ministry completed during six days of the national campaign to clean and debris in the cities of Fallujah and Karma walsklaoih.