Still in power. American document reveals the names of co-operation with the base connector


The US report has revealed a leaked document on combating terrorism Center at West point Centre, prove Iraqi political figures involved with Al Qaeda in Mosul.

According to the magazine "Foreign Policy", which published the report referring to the document that goes back for 2010, they prove that four characters of Nineveh cooperated with Al-Qaeda since 2009.

She explained that "these characters is Ethel trimming, add another administrator within the opinion upon which the Iraqi Government release the connector from the control of the Organization of ISIS at the moment."

It is said that Ethel trimming, addressed him several charges by military leaders, adding to the report the fall of Mosul, prepared by the parliamentary security and Defense Committee, where he was charged with the fall of the County, and was involved with Al-Qaeda leaders, and ISIS in Mosul.

The most prominent characters who charged her accusations, Maliki, who is accused of directly, according to testimony, was charged with the fall of the city of Mosul, issued orders to withdraw to military units, as well as not to follow the city's military position such as control of ISIS, as General Commander of the armed forces.