Maliki is fighting

26/04/2012 PM - 12:12 PM | Hits: 1


Ammar Shamari

In a meeting between Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with a large number of members of the Iraqi National Alliance to discuss what occurred in the political arena after the statements of the Iraqi List and the Kurds of no confidence in the government headed by a member of the coalition, known for al-Maliki for not attending the meetings of the coalition only when in trouble or wants to get out of crisis (usually is the main reason Avcaalha), which raised the ire of the two communities is launched by al-Maliki when heated temper It raises the issue of no-confidence about him and his government (which goes from the coalition and establish relations with others will Aharabh) It is the logic of war and the logic of being gagged and logic doctoring positions and directing public opinion of the objectives of personal or partisan, Mr. Nuri al-Maliki talking with members of the coalition as if they were his followers and members of his booth ministerial and Atuadhm and threaten them and waving their sticks of war, which means closing in on them and exclusion and marginalization of the Government are placed on her head, that Mr. al-Maliki, alas, thinks the mentality of conspiracy and he thinks that he can use force or power tools in power to strike at opponents as was the case of the former regime and the present Covenant gone and disappeared, that of the right-Maliki stand against the regulation of relations with others if they harm the interests of the country's Supreme either to take the members of the Coalition's position hostile to others simply because of a disagreement between them and al-Maliki, this logic is unacceptable and means to devote power in the service of people and use their influence in the defense of their interests, power is the concept of an integral, we can not say that the power of human body to maintain only on his hand, and so in state-building in a country like Iraq is not can say that can al-Maliki of the country without the presence of Sunni Arabs, and without the presence of the Kurds because they are essential components involved in the decision-making and influence it, and can not al-Maliki also restrict the freedom of the components of the coalition and doctoring their positions in the service of personal interests and party, for every block of blocks coalition ideology and methodology of its own in building relationships with others and in building the state, Fbaelloukt who believes al-Maliki the logic of force and war, exclusion and marginalization provides blocks in the coalition logic of dialogue and moderation and the distribution of roles and national partnership that achieve social balance in the building.
that the political blocs participating in the coalition before it a real challenge to take a firm stand against what the candidate for prime minister of the provocation and the creation of crises fabricated to marginalize partners and autocracy believes that the logic of the mind requires the alliance to vote out the candidate for prime minister as an initiative of goodwill towards the political partners before obscure his confidence national consensus to achieve the majority comfortable in Parliament, which makes Coalition cracks and breaks down because of the silence on the policy of al-Maliki in the management of the country, a policy that has failed to gather together in Iraq and helped to create a crisis and dismantling of meat ties national wheel and stopped construction