Governor of Anbar: we will qualify the tourist town of Habbaniyah soon.

2016/09/17 11:31

{Anbar: Euphrates news}

Anbar Governor Imran Narrator, Saturday, work on the tourist town of Habbaniyah soon.

The narrator said in a press statement obtained by agency {Euphrates news} today, that "there are new projects waiting for Anbar province, as local Governments encourage this investment", adding "Al-Anbar investment body shaping common wheel build althihath structures and projects in the province."

"We will work to rehabilitate tourist city of Habbaniyah soon," stressing that "70 percent of water services are available.

It is said that displaced families from Fallujah streets began to return after it has been providing service and security requirements in the liberated areas of criminal gangs of ISIS.

The number of families returning from exile to their homes within Anbar operations command cutter, cutter eighth Squad, until yesterday reached {760} family scattered, in gravel {332}, and alnsav hand reached {428} returnee.

It is said that families returning from exile to their homes in Western Baghdad operations command cutter, Eastern Anbar until today, {532} distributed spend Karma {484} returnee, saqlawiyah area 48 returnee.