South Korea opens its consulate in Erbil

2016/9/17 11:33

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South Korea announced on Saturday the establishment of formal diplomatic mission in the city of Arbil in northern Iraq, a move that officials in Seoul said it aimed to strengthen relations with the Kurdish region and raise the level of services provided to business and parishes Alchoreyen southerners there.

The news agency quoted [Yonhap] South Korean officials at the Foreign Ministry that Seoul has revised the relevant rules on August 22 / August to raise the level of a liaison office in the city to establish a consulate.

The Sol has established a liaison office in Irbil in 2014 to support the South Koreans living in the city.

It will be the new consulate, attached to the South Korean Embassy in Iraq, responsible for Arbil, Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah and Halabja, the four regions under the control of the Kurdistan Regional Government. "