Fayad: Talk about the division of Mosul just illusions

2016-09-17 01:02:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Iraqi National Security Adviser Faleh al - Fayad, to talk about the division of Mosul, just the delusions of some no more, noting that the Turkish President Erdogan to be more rational in dealing with the issue of Mosul.

Said Fayad said in a statement that "Mosul , one of staff of the Iraqi state, like Basra and other provinces, and that the liberation of Mosul , will create an atmosphere of understandings between all the political parties , " he said , adding that he "will not accept interviews behind the scenes and people should be informed of what is happening."

He added that: "After the liberation of Mosul will bring life and services to them, and to talk about the division of Mosul break for victory and a victory for the Iraqi Daesh terrorist."

" The JSS quartet , which includes Iraq, Syria, Iran , and Russia is not an alliance but a security center coordinating intelligence and our relations with Iran , one of the very solid and stood with us since the occupation of Mosul early days."

Fayad said that " the dismissal of Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , was not suitable and the army will be responsible for opening corridors for displaced from Mosul."

And raised the announcement of the intention of the US Congress to adopt the idea of dividing the provinces of Mosul to restore them after the organization Daesh, replies Iraqi violent acts between a majority and a minority opposition supporter.

It is noted that the Nineveh Plain area consists of three main districts are sheikhs and Tilkaif Hamdania and is home to a mixture of Yazidis, Assyrian, Shabak, Arabs and Turkmen, and called many of the politicians in those areas, to be divided after the retrieval of the organization Daesh into three provinces, Sinjar in the west and the province in the Nineveh Plain religious minorities and the province of Mosul.