Moussawi demanded the government legislation law banning Wahhabism in Iraq
[Oan- Baghdad]
demanded an MP for the National Alliance, Samira al - Moussawi, the government prohibits the enactment of laws [Wahhabi] in Iraq.
Musawi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "Wahhabi ideology alien to the doctrine of [ the Sunnis] , which coexists sons affectionately and mercy with their brothers in the country from other sects for thousands of years," noting that " the ideas of extremist thought Wahhabi is one of the causes of breakdowns experienced by the Iraqi state in the field of security and bombings that have left thousands of victims. "
she added that" most of the Arab and Islamic countries have banned the conference , which was held recently in Crosna Chechen capital of Wahhabi promised him outside the framework of the ideas of the Sunnis and the community , "he noted that "more than fifty countries and more than 200 scientists have participated in it."
She Moussawi that " the Iraqi government today demanding an urgent enactment of the law to ban extremist ideas and prevent taught in addition to dry up their sources," adding that "Iraq is the first of those nations to fight those ideas and maintain the social fabric coming from loss and generations. "
She continued, " the Wahhabi ideology is limited and imitators in Iraq , it is easy to confront and eliminate it and stop the massacres carried out under the pretext of the call to the doctrine by force of arms, murder and intimidation. "
They were surprised al - Moussawi , " the omission of the concerned authorities the media and the intellectuals of this conference and not to highlight it in spite of the broad resonance that took him in states that do not suffer from terrorism directly as is the case with Iraq. "
the conference [of the Sunnis and the group] , which was held in the city of Crosna capital of the Republic of Chechnya and continued three days from 25 to 27 last August, was attended by more than 200 scientists and mufti from various Arab and Islamic countries and the West , including the Al - Azhar, and called him, the Islamic world, to stop debate and theorizing and concern Besgair matters and issues, to miss an opportunity for terrorist groups that exploit it to formulate curricula destructive.
He ruled Conference Wahhabi and takfiri Salafi doctrine of the Council of senior scholars in Saudi Arabia.