Basra plastic factory opens first international standards


New factory opened the plastic of the highest specifications in Basra in southern Iraq, where it produces the factory that cost more than $ 15 million in a wide range of products from plastic bags to pipes and hopes to reduce the country's need to import.

The plant also includes the first production line in Basra for recycled products which converts plastic waste into new products.

He said the engineer on the GASPE Chief investment in Basra, "the plant produces all products within the article (BBC) in manufactured from waste bags and medical bags, plastic pipes and agricultural sheeting, greenhouses," Noting that "the draft holds the ISO and high productivity card all production lines making him a strong contender, maybe he can dominate the local market to maintain and perhaps also other provinces market." According to Reuters.

Featuring factory here four thousand square meters with the latest equipment and four production lines.

It can produce 25 000 tonnes of plastic products used in agriculture and other industrial purposes, and about ten thousand tons of oil and sewage pipes of different sizes per year.

GASPE said that "this mass production possible for Basra to reach self-sufficiency with regard to plastic products.

"We need to study and the production database maintenance or any other provinces than it needs to make a decision of Cabinet Secretariat either by preventing full import of plastic materials if covering production or import by prevention and control of imported materials to promote the local economy.

Many factories out of Iraq either looted factory 260 in the wake of the US invasion in 2003 or prescription or falls in volatile regions.

But Basra has benefited from greater numbers of local and foreign investors means relative stability in southern Iraq in the last few years.

Khuzai says one of our investors "llblastek Basra plant factory is unique in southern Iraq", adding that "is the first of its kind in Basra."

"The factory that employs 100 least agent needs assistance from the State to curb the flow of cheap products to the country," "our striking plant a plan to increase the number of employees to the lesbian."

The Iraqi Government issued a five-year plan for economic development in 2013 aims to diversify away from oil and the development of the industrial sector in the country.

The plan calls for extending from 2013 to 2017 to 357 billion dollars invested in development projects in different parts of the country with a focus on five key sectors are construction, services, agriculture, education, transport and communications, and energy.