School warns of external threats to "military intervention" in the battle of Mosul

Invited Mr. Mohammad Taqi school, on Friday, to establish the concept of "citizenship" and the establishment of rules for building good and rooting out ignorance and failure, as warned of threats to "military intervention" in preparation for the upcoming battle of Mosul.
He said the school during his weekly speech, attended by a crowd of imitators in the holy city of Karbala, "If only academic seminaries and universities have cooperated with each other to establish the rules of good citizenship within the framework of the sky values ​​and principles of civilization."
He pointed out that the school "good luck comparing the opening of education centers with the beginning of the Islamic calendar and with the holy seasons of divine mercy memories of Ashura and forty."
"It 's a good opportunity to re - examine the effectiveness of educational and our means to build good citizens who respect others and respect the values ​​and subject to the regulations of fair and sees that look to the top right of the project, but in the context of the country and within the values ​​and regulations."
In regard to the upcoming battle of Mosul, the school authority has warned of "stalking and threats of military intervention."
He said, that "we must not forget that the enemy still occupies dearly part of our home and that there lurks us and threatens military intervention in our country."
But at the same time it pointed to the need "to gather all our strength rather than for the extension of State authority over the entire territory of the country, but also in order to root out the problems and to build a good citizen."
The school saw the reference to the root of the problem lies in the ignorance and the failure of the means of education among our people in establishing the divine values ​​and principles of the progress of civilization, adding n "aspiration of our people towards freedom and progress has been exploited so brutally and fomenting sectarian and ethnic fanaticism."
On the Syrian issue, the school authority welcomed the Convention on the last truce in Syria, and they felt "precedent auspicious must be emulated in more than one country in spite of the encouraging terrorism in the region of rogue states and Israel has erected a mourning tent when shedding more blood than in Syria , which exterminated stopped killing 300 thousand people in it . "