Turkey detains 4 people "planned" to attack Western embassies

He said Turkish media, on Friday, the police arrested four people on suspicion of preparing them planned to attack the diplomatic missions in the country.
The newspaper said " the news Turk" Turkish diplomatic missions to target people , including British and German embassies in Ankara 's plans. But authorities revealed that the detainees are not connected to any terrorist groups.
The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Thursday that it "will close the British Embassy in Ankara to the public on Friday, September 16 for security reasons." Without disclosing further details.
Turkey has had over the past months a series of attacks by militants from al Daesh and gunmen linked to the PKK as confirmed Ankara.
The ministry has advised Britons not to travel to any area about 10 kilometers from the Syrian border or to the Kurdish areas experiencing a wave of violence since the collapse of the ceasefire between the state and the PKK , the outlawed last year.