Kurdish lawmaker calls for fight against corrupt for the advancement of Iraq

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[Where - Baghdad]

He called the Kurdistan Alliance MP Ahmed Sarhan, Thursday, to fight the corrupt for the advancement of Iraq economically, financially and politically.

Said Ahmed told all of Iraq [where] that "the government is taking positive steps in the field of oil through the agreement with the province, which is a step in the right direction, which will contribute to the advancement of the country at all levels," pointing to "the need to fight corruption and the corrupt in all directions for the advancement the country. "

"The financial and administrative corruption rampant in Iraq brought him to this case and that the deterioration of the economy was the most important causes of the decline in oil prices and the spread of corruption, which makes it imperative for everyone to fight them."

The Oil Ministry said that the ministry is seeking to activate the previous agreement with the Kurdistan region and to exert all efforts in this regard as being in the interest of Iraq and the need for federal funds to the Treasury through the activation of this Agreement.

Iraq has been a widespread phenomenon for financial corruption and administrative system that left the country a loss of billions of dollars.