Parliamentary Finance calls to control the rate of the dinar against the dollar
[Where - special]
parliamentary Finance Committee called on Thursday for control of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar, by maintaining a reserve of hard currency.
The committee member said Sarhan Ahmed told all of Iraq [where] that " the central bank has no plans to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar , " pointing out that " the rise of the dinar rate depends on the central bank 's reserves of hard currency and the non - oil and oil revenues coming into the country . " .
He pointed out that " the legislative track and other issues have an impact on the exchange rate, which calls for preservation of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and maintain a reserve of hard currency."
witnessing the Iraqi dinar exchange rate volatility apparent in the market where he will witness the dollar rise gradually in front of the dinar exchange.
he criticized a number of financial and political economists pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq and falling cash reserves during the recent years.