Fallujah announces the rehabilitation of 60% of the service projects in preparation for the return of displaced people

15/09/2016 16:12

Long-Presse / Anbar

Council Falluja in Anbar province, announced on Thursday the completion of the rehabilitation of 60% of service projects in the city, (62 km) west of Baghdad, and while calling service departments staff to direct the work need and provide what it needs citizens in preparation for the return of displaced people, confirmed the various cutouts secure remnants of the organization (Daesh).

The head of the district council of Fallujah, Sheikh Taleb al-Hasnawi said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The service departments and committees overseeing the reconstruction of the city of Fallujah has been able, with the support of the central government to complete the rehabilitation processes 60% of the service projects destroyed by the organization (Daesh) terrorist, as the stations generators civil purification of drinking water and the opening of main and branch roads and rehabilitation of new Fallujah bridge. "

He Hasnawi, that "all drinking water purification stations were rehabilitated with the main streets and secondary cleaning and raise very large amounts of debris and re-laying of electric power cables in a number of areas of Fallujah liberated", calling for "the return of the service departments staff, including municipalities, water and sewage to provide what it needs citizen services through the return of families to their areas Nazjh. "

He Hasnawi that "Fallujah areas in the north and the east and west cutter has been fully secured remnants of the organization (Daesh) terrorist," stressing that "work is continuing by the service departments and security forces to lift and dismantle improvised explosive devices and booby-trapped houses in the Shuhada neighborhood areas and still industrial neighborhood Andalus and Jbeil was stationed where elements of the organization during the past period. "

The House of Falluja in Anbar province identified, first Tuesday, (September 132 016), on Saturday, the (17 September), the date for the return of the first of the displaced meal to the city center, as revealed that the meal will include 500 families will enter the implementers .

The security forces managed to free the majority of Anbar cities and major regions, the most important center of the province, Ramadi, Fallujah and largest Oqditha and spend wet white al Daesh terrorist.