Arrest the Southern State detachments official organizing terrorist ISIS

2016-09-15 at 13:37

Baghdad-the balance of news

General Military Intelligence Directorate revealed Thursday the arrest of officials of the so called State of the South to organize terrorist ISIS.

Military Intelligence Directorate said in a statement sent to/copy to balance news affiliates and the process quality and proactive terrorist arrested Ismail Shihab Hamad special detachments administrator is called (South) in a southern Baghdad was simply implementing several terrorist operations during the Eid al-Adha. "

The statement added that the terrorist was arrested after follow by intelligence agents, and through proactive process before it executes terrorist group charged with dropped goals captured South of Baghdad.

ISIS planning suffers terrorist from a noose by security forces of all types and members of the popular crowd with all factions, as well as children of clans, as a result of victories achieved by the security forces in Anbar and Mosul and Salahuddin.,