Kurdistan Democratic gathering 115 signatures to restart voting on Zebari's answers


Detecting placeholder for the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Thursday, collection of mass 115 signatures of Deputies "benevolent" vote on conviction answers Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, as he pointed to a legal reasons for voting.

Tariq said a friend in a recent press release, that "some reform front deputies and State of law Coalition gathered less than 40 signature to insert impeach Finance Minister within the parliamentary agenda," adding, "in return we also Democrat with Sunni and Kurdish blocs of benevolent and Shiite Iraqis and Iraq's interests and interested, we collected 115 signatures for the vote on conviction and Finance Minister answers a friend to aldimker partyReserve was outside the Parliament during the vote on conviction answers to the Minister of finance, in addition to that some say was a quorum is incomplete ", expressing regret that" the Parliament reversed the question when you put a paragraph vote on the answers from the Minister's answers with, this legal needs study and reconsider vote. "and questioned the House (25 August, 2016), Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, at the request of Attorney Haitham Al-juboori, Council voted (27 August 2016), with the majority not convinced FAQ Zebari.