In the parliamentary services expected by passing a law Sort farmland after Eid

2016/9/15 8:48

Where - Exclusive]

He predicted a member of the Commission services and reconstruction in Parliament passing a law Sort farmland after the Eid al-Adha holiday.

Said Mohammed al-Masoudi, told all of Iraq [where] that "the law sort of agricultural land have been discussed, largely by a committee of parliamentary committees and other services that are relevant in this matter."

He explained that "this law has been introduced in the House, but there was some points of contention in the House of Representatives and the views of the members of this side and I think it will be after the Eid of laws that recognize."

It is said that he was finalizing a bill sort farmland by a committee of parliamentary services and fully prepared for the purpose of format it to a vote and if this is done will give the interest of large segments of the Iraqi people as agricultural land that did not get the bond, which considers agricultural and cut the water quota by 15 years ago, will be among the main category for sorting.