The fiscal deficit for the Iraqi budget!

Khaled Qaraghouli

Thursday , 15th September 0.2016

In previous did not occur in any country in the world , rather than Iraqi Minister of Finance comes out a beautiful statement to coincide with the celebration of the Muslim Eid Al Adha .. Iraqi Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Iraq will suffer in 2017 from a deficit estimated at 27 billion dollars and it is anticipated chaos pervades Iraq from end to end!

This statement can not be official of the national government to declare it to the media but is hostile to permit the deliberate divide the ranks of Iraqis needy and remind them that disasters await them in the near future .. and of course this does not affect the near or far to the members of the Iraqi government and state officials and members of the House of Representatives because they have prepared in advance the kit and they prepared their own affairs and kept balances inside and outside Iraq protect them from the evil of deficits and inflation .. the strange thing is that a minister like this bear was supposed to be the initiator reassure people on what will be attached to their from the scourge of disasters and problems that the good news chaos would be extended to Iraq .. and it looks like the answer is simple Vozyr Finance is still threatened with expulsion from the ministerial cabin so pre - empted and rushed things and reveal the true cover political career and his hostility to Iraq and its people .. The subject of impotence and chaos is funny because Iraq is already suffering and since 2003 chaos not seen her country in the world ever seen new so where, while the fiscal deficit for the Iraqi budget if this bear was not at the head of the Ministry of Finance and his wrong and his actions mysterious between the central government and the government of the province to the Iraqis plagued by the scourge of poverty and helplessness .. and , God willing , and in response to Zebari 2017 will be a year of safety and security and prosperity for all Iraqis except for bears!