Sisi: We seek to set up a joint military operations room with Iraq to counter Daesh

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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said that Egypt stands by Iraq in its war against {Daesh} criminal, while pointing out that there are efforts to form a Chamber of joint military operations between Iraq and Egypt to face Daesh, noting that Iraq is fighting Daesh behalf of the Arab countries must be supported Arab triggering differences within the Iraqi political forces.

And be annexed Sisi in a newspaper interview that "Egypt is ready to provide military assistance and advice to the Iraqi Army and work on the training of Iraqi security forces on the streets, the style of war."

He pointed out that "Iraq faces Daesh extremist groups 13 years ago when it defends the Arab countries must stand with him and nappy its unity and help the Baghdad government in the restoration of the internal problems and address them."

"The Daesh in Iraq, heinous crimes painful and showed brutal size when elements of the criminal organization that seeks to discredit Islam through his bloody crimes spread terror among civilians."

And between Sisi "Egypt is fully prepared to support Alaesideat who suffered Daesh at them in the north of Mosul, one of the 21 crimes, which is supposed to be surpassed by historians and writers of history and Evgahoa in front of these crimes long and expressive pause and drafting security formulation to illustrate the size of the crime level in a handicap items that belong to Daesh rose President Sisi Rih on the popular crowd-Sisi he said, "We in Egypt respect the will of the brotherly Iraqi people and groups popular crowd forces which operate under the umbrella of the Iraqi government and law-abiding."

He pointed out that "since assuming the presidency of the government in Egypt, we took an end and a key decision is to support the legitimacy of Iraq and support the elected government does not interfere in political action, so the gates of Egypt is open to all Iraqis and will not stand with any Saaash force against another nor with the sect against another, nor with any strong We are against the other with everyone except the Iraqis, who joined Daesh .waljmaat outlaw