Sisi: strive to form a joint military operations room with Iraq to counter the ISIS

14/09/2016 04:53


The Egyptian President said Abdel Fattah Sisi that Egypt stands by Iraq in its fight against criminal, {ISIS} drew out there that attempts to form a joint military operations room between Iraq and Egypt to meet ISIS, noting the Iraq fight ISIS on behalf of Arabic countries and Arab support, provoking differences within the Iraqi political forces.

Sisi unfolding in an interview with national features & status {Nnc} that "Egypt is fully prepared to offer military assistance and advice to the Iraqi army and to train Iraqi security forces on the street war method".

He pointed out that "Iraq faces ISIS and extremist groups 13 years ago and is defending the Arabic countries and must stand with him and keep unity and help the Iraqi Government to renovate the internal problems and address them ".

"The heinous crimes of ISIS in Iraq and painful and brutal size indicated when elements of criminal organization which seeks to discredit Islam through his bloody crimes spread terror among civilians ".

And between "Sisi Egypt stands ready to support alaizidiat who expose ISIS in Northern Mosul, is offences 21 which is assumed not to bypass the historians and history books and to get in front of these crimes a long pause and reflect and worded wish to illustrate the size of the level of criminality in the obstacle elements that belong to ISIS The President rose to the popular crowd Sisi rie Sisi said "we in Egypt respect the will of the Iraqi people and the popular crowd totals and forces operating under the umbrella of the Iraqi Government and committed to the law ."

"Since Prime Minister in Egypt took a decision, and it is essential to support the legitimacy in Iraq and support the elected Government and not interfere in politics so that Egypt's doors are open to all Iraqis, and we will not stand with any siaish power against another and not against other range with no strong against other Iraqis who joined with all displayed is flag and outlaw groups