Deputy from Nineveh: battle edit connector will differ from previous battles

2016/09/14 14:30

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} the Nineveh Deputy Erika edit battle of Mosul will differ from previous battles against terrorist gangs ISIS ISIS.

Juburi said the {Euphrates news}, said Wednesday that gangs of ISIS defeated terrorist psychologically as a result social cohesion all Iraqis together to confront the enemy. "

"Recent victories achieved in terms of forces generated a good impression on people, so the edit of Nineveh and Mosul, will be different from previous battles, through the coherence of the people with the security forces of various types."

He continued that "combat skills and expertise possessed by military forces liberated yielded clear and limited losses, compared with a loss of ISIS hundreds of its terrorist."

He noted that "the people of Nineveh military operations continue waiting for the victory in terms of forces, we must invest so as to escape the families of terrorist gangs and left cities and flee toward the desert, this shows lack of steadfastness in the face of advancing security forces."

It is said that security forces freed on 25 August last, the full forces south of Mosul area of ISIS, promised security forces beginning editing commands and a springboard for the liberation of the city of Mosul.

The joint operations command, had confirmed in 17 of last August, the final and decisive battle and mercy shot on elements of terrorism in Mosul, will close by the operational command spokesman Brigadier Yahya Al-Zubaidi.

Said the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, during the second International Conference of information and psychological operations to defeat the ISIS, which was held in Baghdad last August, 17, from going to the third stage of the process of liberation of the city of Mosul