The oil Ministry parliamentary oil refinery sector investment accelerated

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Oil and energy parliamentary Committee demanded the Ministry of oil refinery sector investment should be accelerated.

Said the Chairman of the Committee ئاريز Abdullah , in an interview for "the economy news, important sectors of the refinery sector that helps to reduce financial momentum on general budget each year, pointing out that Iraq imported large quantities of kerosene and other walbanzin in copious amounts.

Abdullah said that building new refineries or hauling old refineries and a small investment to enlarge and develop can help bridge the shortfall in the number of petroleum and reduces the money you spend on them.

Abdullah said that the Commission will support this trend and supports the Ministry of oil for his success.

The oil Ministry has invited were the beginning of September now technically and financially qualified companies to invest in oil refinery 4 formula (BOT ) or( BOO ) and refineries are Kirkuk refinery (150, 000 barrels a day card, 100, 000 barrels card Kut filter by day, drained 70 thousand barrels card Samawah today, Basra refinery card from 100-150 thousand barrels a day.