Obama criticizes Trump compares Saddam Hussein

US President Barack Obama criticized Republican US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, for "Mahapth" Russian President Vladimir Putin, and for the first time as part of his campaign to support the Clinton candidacy, while compare survey results obtained by the Trump results of the polls , obtained by the head of the former Iraqi regime Saddam Hussein.
Obama said in a speech during an election rally in support of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the US Philadelphia, on Tuesday night (September 13), " The Trump spoke last week with Russian state television and tarnished the US military 's reputation and sought favor Putin."
Obama pointed out that Trump said in an interview that he supports the Russian president because the latter " a strong man. Look, he got 82% support in the poll , " commented US President on this , saying: "Well, yes, Saddam Hussein had obtained 90% in the polls. If you control the media and deprive everybody of civil liberties, arresting opponents, this is what happens. "
He added: "Now get out of their candidate , praising the man (Putin) saying it is a strong leader, because it invades the small countries and arrested his opponents and dominated the press and push his country 's economy into recession."
Obama said he himself collaborating with his Russian counterpart because it is part of foreign policy, but does not consider Putin an example of him.
The Kremlin had declined earlier to comment on statements by Trump, adding that what matters the Russian leadership is the new US president 's remarks.
The Trump has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a much better leader , compared with his US counterpart Barack Obama, saying that if he wins the election, will build a "very good relationship" with Russia.