Minister of Labour talking about a big waste of public money

Network Iraqi position
He announced the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, the existence of manipulation by more than 150 billion dinars allocated for social protection network in the provinces of Diyala and Nineveh money, pointing out that much of the money had gone to armed groups.
Sudan said in a press statement on Wednesday, said the Inspector General's Office in the Ministry of Labour, formed a special committee of financial violations that occurred social protection network, the provinces of Diyala and Nineveh investigative file. Sudanese and added that the committee had conducted an audit of the filing covered by the network of social protection in the two provinces and compare them with covered by the database, and sift through the rudiments of exchange bonds, noted the existence of financial irregularities in the safety net salaries through the manipulation of numbers covered allocated to them and subsidies, as there are "differences between amounts to be disbursed already disbursed, "according to news agency Nina. He also pointed out that through the investigation in the province of Diyala file, showing that the total money earned be exceeded on the subsidy network for the years (2006 and 2007 and the first half of 2008) reached 29 billion dinars, of which 21 billion dinars spent for the unemployed who are not registered to ministry data base Unlike exchange instruction, and eight billion dinars consisted finance with breaches of "embezzlement of duplicate names and different preparation especially the displaced and breaches of Exceeders soft loans and violations." And on the Nineveh file, between the Sudanese that "the sum of the amounts in which he surpassed in the social protection network Nineveh (the end of 2005 up to 2010) amounted to 159 billion dinars spent without scrutiny and 14 billion dinars amounts embezzled in communications and mail Nineveh Directorate, as well as other amounts disbursed waste of names refined as well as those who did not submit an annual declaration and the continuation of the buyout, since 2006, in addition to the amounts County ration card fraudulent numbers and the amounts spent in subsidies to the recipients of the loans contrary to instructions, as well as other amounts for those who migrated out of Iraq and other misappropriations. " Also pointed out that "a lot of this money was going to the terrorist gangs in the province to fund their criminal operations, it has presented the results of the investigation on the fall of Mosul specialized committee." The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, announced at the beginning of this month, for hauling my Mosul and Diyala On the subject of corruption in social welfare, to the Integrity Commission.