The return of displaced people in 2500 to the city of karma east of Fallujah

Network Iraqi position Member of the Board announced the vine in Anbar province, Aref al-Jumaili, Wednesday, for the return of displaced people to the city in 2500 east of Fallujah. Jumaily said that "the number of families that have returned to the center of the city of karma, (13 km east of Fallujah), exceeded 450 families and their members number 2,500." He called Jumaili, the people of the vine displaced to return to their areas in the district center because of the stability of the security situation there and the control of security forces and tribal fighters on the city fully. " Tens of displaced families managed earlier this month, to return to the center of the vine after its liberation by the security forces by more than four months and easily obtainable by those forces backed tribal fighters.