Erdogan waving to launch Operation Shield Euphrates in Iraq

Network Iraqi position
Said Turkish Prime Recep Tayyip Erdogan that his country was considering launching a similar process to the process, "the shield of the Euphrates," carried out in Syria, in Iraq as well.
Erdogan said in a speech at his participation in a seminar organized in Istanbul titled "79 million citizens under one flag," Yesterday, "we think that we launch a similar process to shield the Euphrates in Iraq, and we ask all the actors in the region to provide support for the idea, as you can see, the the blood of the oppressed is wasted daily in Turkey's neighbors and we have to stop that. " He noted Erdogan, to the presence of the parties (unnamed) show "consternation of resolute attitude shown by Turkey in recent years," asserting that "his country will continue to inconvenience those parties in the coming days through the steps that will provide them", as quoted by the agency to leave Press. Regarding shield Euphrates launched "Free Syrian Army" forces the backing of the tasks and the Turkish forces of the international coalition forces that process, Erdogan said, "We are tired of deceptive countries behind the active terrorist organizations in our region, these countries are involved in the blood that is being shed in East East, the issue is no longer related to Syria and Iraq, it has become a matter of survival for the entire region, and therefore, Turkey has taken a decision to increase its effectiveness and its presence further in the field. " The units of the Turkish special forces in coordination with the international coalition air forces, and support for the troops, "Free Syrian Army", began at dawn 24 August, a military campaign in the city of Carchemish, under the name of "the shield of the Euphrates," aims to "cleanse" the city and the border region from al Daesh, according to Turkish authorities.