The army is millions of publications to Nineveh before the decisive battle

Twilight News Harbi media cell in the military / said on Wednesday that Iraqi aircraft dropped millions of leaflets on areas still under the control of the organization Daesh to urge residents to stay away from the sites and the headquarters of the militant group before the start of the decisive phase of the liberation campaign.
According to the cell in a statement it responded to the Twilight News, that the Iraqi air force planes made the biggest campaign to shed seven million Posted on 16 districts in the province of Nineveh. She explained that the areas are the city of Mosul, center, hand Ba'shiqah, hand Hamam al-Alil, hand] advice, hand Mahlbah, hand Ahamidat, Hamdaniyah, hand Bartila hand Nimrod, spend Baaj, hand Qahtaniyah, eliminate urban, hand Tel Abth, Tal Afar, hand Alaaadih , hand Kairouan. She noted that the campaign is "to inform all citizens in the province of Nineveh, the great victories achieved in the battles for liberation and inflict heavy losses Aldoaash statement defeat Daesh in all military operations that have been achieved." She continued that the campaign also aims to ensure "the safety of every citizen to move away from the headquarters, associations and stores Daesh terrorist gangs, and the areas of their presence and urged all those involved with them that leaves them on the spot, before the start of the third stage and critical edits." The leaflets called for the inhabitants of those areas to the "full preparedness and readiness of the recommendations that will be sent to them with special devices be announced at that time." Iraqi forces are preparing to launch a broad military campaign to flush out militants Daesh from Mosul and other areas in Nineveh, but has not yet determined the date of the start of the campaign.