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The arrival of the first convoy of Jordanian tourists to Kurdistan Region

Roudao - Erbil He arrived first convoy of Jordanian tourists, to the Kurdistan Region, to visit the tourist areas, after the visit of a delegation from the Jordanian journalists last August to Kurdistan, and pay their tourists to visit tourist attractions in the province.
She said one of the tourists, Tervat Hrar, network Roudao media, "We have heard that the Kurdistan Region sophisticated and modern area, and it was a great role for Media motivate to visit Kurdistan, and we were ushered in Erbil International Airport well."

The owner of a Jordanian tourist company, Nawfal Al-Khasawneh, network Roudao media, "after the Eid al-Adha, will visit Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, to organize tours to the Kurdistan Region, because the nature of Kurdistan is very beautiful."

It is scheduled to visit Jordan's tourist convoys on a weekly basis and continuously, after seeing the owners of tourism companies beauty of the nature of the Kurdistan Region, and stunning views enjoyed by the tourist areas.