Israel again bombed the Syrian army positions east of Mount Hermon Heights

The Israeli army announced that its flight raided the sites of Syrian forces, on Tuesday night to Wednesday, 13 to September 14 / September, in response to the fall of the number of shells in the occupied Golan Heights.
A statement issued by the Israeli army: " In response to shells exploded earlier today (Tuesday) in the territory of Israel, the Israeli Air Force attacked the artillery positions of the Syrian regime in the center of the Golan Heights."
For its part, "fields" channel reported that a Syrian artillery emplacements were attacked near the town of Ain ​​tower east of Mount Hermon Heights.
According to the media, three shells landed, at least, during the day Tuesday on the Israeli side of the border, but no injuries. Israeli military and are likely to fall shells was not deliberate, as in most of the incidents of this kind.
Earlier Tuesday, the Syrian army said two Israeli planes dropped one warship in Quneitra and the second poll in Damascus, while the Israeli army denied injuring any of its aircraft missiles Syria.
In turn , the Israeli army denied what came in the Syrian army statement, stressing that the Syrian air defenses fired two rockets in response to Israeli jets raid, but did not Iqterpa of the planes did not hit any target.
The army confirmed that all Israeli planes returned to the base safely.