The start of the 71st session of the General Assembly of the United Nations today
at 11:20 (Baghdad time) Kicks off on Tuesday in New York of the session 71st General Assembly of the United Nations with the participation of delegations from 193 countries are members of the international organization.
It is expected that he shared the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and the President of the 71st session Peter Thomson of Fiji's permanent representative in the organization, in addition to the delegations of Member States in the launch ceremony of the session.
The General Assembly, which was founded in 1945, is a consultative and representative body of the international organization which is a yard to discuss a wide range of international issues provided for by the Charter of the United Nations. Play as the Assembly, which comprises 193 members, an important role in the process of adopting international norms.
It is noteworthy that the past year saw a number of decisions and documents important for the international community, including the agenda of overall development until 2030, which includes the fight against poverty, hunger, disease and social inequality.
In addition, agreement was reached on tackling climate change, and other important decisions and documents.
It is scheduled to take over meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations an important place to discuss the situation in the Middle East, especially the conflict in Syria and the situation in Libya and Yemen, in addition to the Palestinian issue and the issue of refugees, after what we have reached the region of instability and lack of security and widely it exceeded its repercussions region and neighboring countries.
The United Nations hopes that the meeting will be a historic opportunity to reach an international response better to the problems that the world lived them, which is for security, economy and human rights, and that the meeting be shifted to strengthen the management of international migration and a unique opportunity to create a system that is more responsibility and predictability to respond to large movements of refugees and migrants points.
On the sidelines of the General Assembly as well, US President Barack Obama will host on September 20, the top leaders of the Conference on Refugees, which will appeal to governments to undertake new commitments significant with regard to refugees. While the presidential summit will focus on refugees, not immigrants, will address the General Assembly appropriate the big moves for both.
On the sidelines of the session of the Security Council held a high-level meeting on Syria in the atheist and the twentieth of this month, attended by the heads of delegations of Member States of the Security Council.
Among the names that will attend the general debate, US President Barack Obama and French, Francois Hollande and Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May and Prime Minister of China, Foreign Minister Aerati.anthy 29