Iraq: Armistice Agreement in Syria is an important step to end the fighting in which
[Oan- Baghdad]
welcomed Iraq, the US Russian agreement on the truce in Syria.
A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ahmed Jamal said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, " the Iraqi Foreign Ministry welcomes the ceasefire agreement in Syria, and prepared an important and necessary step to end the state of chaos and fighting and bloodshed in this country."
He added that the ministry "encourage the Russian - American efforts in this context, because it could mean the *beginning of a peaceful solution to preserve the Syrian brotherly people of dignity and security at home, and calls on all parties to abide by the truce and exploited to provide humanitarian aid to the affected areas, with the need to tighten the noose on the takfiri terrorist groups such as organizations Daesh front opened Sham and coordination of international efforts to eliminate them. "
the State of the United States, Russia and minister John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, announced late last Friday night, at the conclusion of negotiations in Geneva, to reach a truce in Syria begins sundown today Monday may result if survived for a week on the military cooperation between the United States and Russia, and through the exchange of information to launch air strikes at specific sites in Syria.