Liberal bloc denies the nomination of Major General Ibrahim Al-Lami for the post of Interior Minister

Thursday, April 26 / April 2012 14:14

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates denied the MP for the Liberal bloc Almmnazavih under the umbrella of the National Alliance Hussein Alwan be Major General Ibrahim Al-Lami, has been nominated for the post of interior minister.

And Alwan said in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {} on Thursday that "the agreement on the nomination of specific names to assume the security ministries has yet to be and all that came opposite Mkhtu and is not unfounded."

And between that "if there are names on the table to calm the political situation has a major problem that the security ministries are the focus of the differences experienced by the political process and solve them is to get rid of the outstanding problems between the blocks."

Alwan and called to the "not to rush to put any information whatever the task before it is checked carefully so as not to lose credibility in front of the fired public opinion."

And media indicated earlier to the nomination of Major General Ibrahim Al-Lami, the assumption by the Ministry of Interior which raised an uproar in the parliamentary community, which has denied knowledge of this nomination.
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