Economist: Modify the price of oil in the budget of 2017 to $ 43 more realistic
By aq -September 13, 2016

Treasures Media / follow - up count economist, modify the price of a barrel of oil in the budget for fiscal 2017 from $ 35 to $ 43, as "more realistic." Said Bassem Jamil Antoine, that " the government estimates for the price of a barrel of oil at $ 35 in the budget of 2017 was pessimistic often creates a large deficit in the budget, but the IMF also examined the global oil and events prices and put a price closer to the reality of the oil sold today more than $ 45 and raise the price for the purpose of reducing the deficit. " he added , " the amount of export of oil in the budget was 3.088 million barrels in today , while the IMF set to 3.6 million barrels , he cut production in exchange for raising the price of a barrel and this is more realistic , too. " the Ministry of Finance has announced that following a periodic consultations with the international Monetary Fund in the Jordanian capital Amman, concluded last Saturday that the talks I checked the draft federal budget law for 2017 and was agreed to calculate the price of a barrel of oil at $ 43 instead of the price of the proposed 35 in the draft budget and vCard export crude oil , 3.6 million barrels per day. It is scheduled to hold an informal meeting in Algeria on the sidelines of the international energy Forum to be held between 26 and 28 September and is expected to seek through it to revive a global agreement to stabilize production levels.