We are more than oil: {12} million tons of liquid gas abroad last week.

2016/09/13 19:52

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry announced on Tuesday exported more than {12} million tons of liquid gas outside the country.

He said the oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad told {Euphrates News} Tuesday, that "total liquid gas released to outside the country during the past week over {12} million tons of gas and liquid over {100} 1000 gas condensers, which are sold in markets as global prices."

He continued to say "continuing to export liquid gas and condensate and weekly we have packed issue out and hope that the export ratio during the coming period are mounting after qualifying Um Qasr port so larger energies absorbed."

With regard to oil wells destroyed by Iraq's terrorist ISIS gangs between Jihad, "after the completion of military operations will damage inventory of oil wells which suffered vandalism of ISIS, and then are fixed."

Mohammad Saleh appearance was economic adviser to the Prime Minister Haider Abadi had described, extensive gas shipments exported abroad "spark" to diversify the economy, praising the performance of the Ministry of oil and the great offer.