Iraqi central ministries complains Qar investment project management

2016/9/13 12:16

{Qar: Euphrates news} repackaging it expressed its displeasure Qar investment of redundancies by ministries involved in approving projects in the province.

The Commission Chief, Ammar altatbaei said {Euphrates news} today "we have many projects for investment in the province, adding that ministries and administrative routine adherence to laws made by central suffering."

He noted that "there's a year or two projects for approval, and it was supposed to invest before the Commission, but we found that passenger traffic began ministries such projects", returned it "acted incorrectly".

It is said that there are projects granted investment almost a year ago, official holidays and was allocated land, where construction stopped and fashionably late due to redundancies and wrong interpretation of previous laws intersect and interfere with investment law has ended and