Eight mobile teams working on residential land 4000 sorted in Basra

2016/9/13 8:54

{Wasit: Euphrates news} detect Wasit Governorate Council Chairman Mazin Iraq, Tuesday, the eight mobile teams work on sorting the four thousand residential land will be distributed to members of the police and employees in the province.

He said Iraq's {Euphrates news} today "we're sorted four thousand residential piece for distribution to members of the police and employees in the province, and eight mobile teams working to apprehend the secretion of the pieces as quickly as possible for distribution."

"It will only take two months."

On completion of the stalled projects explained Iraq "to this moment, the Finance Ministry did not send any amount to keep note of the Wasit Governorate was supposed to receive {50} border of oil revenue," pointing out that "failure to deliver oil income benefits Finance Ministry outraged the Grouch Wasta Street and local government".

"Stop all projects because of lack of funds", but "we are with our support fund and the services support service by seamstresses and fuel ministries working mechanisms in the County, as the County Council to establish the Burn Center and the first in the province after it was weak."

And "we have stayed at the Ministry of finance and the lawsuit was won and soon time will receive the Wasit governorate {50} border point revenue, we have plans to supplement the rest of the stalled projects in walnamanih and sawaira.

"More than 600 billion Iraqi dinars dependent projects in province disappeared altogether," calling all investors to invest in the province being safe and conservative isn't giving them any security breach for four years. "

It is said that the local administration in Wasit governorate confirmed last September of 2015 that land allocation Committee sift and distributed over 3000 new housing land among families of martyrs of the popular crowd and security forces and segments of society and ended.