For this reason "exciting" subjected to rape Muslim women Hendetan

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Ft four people from the Hindu community in India for the rape of two girls hit the Muslim states and their uncle and Amthma to death; in retaliation for the family, after a rumor claiming they ate beef in the northern state of Haryana. And one of the girls recounted details of the attack, and said that four men attacked the family two weeks ago, and beat aunt and uncle to death in the town of Meaout predominantly Muslim. She noted that the attackers after being raped and threatened them with her sister, and asked them not to talk about what happened, otherwise they will kill them. The many Hindus cow sacred animals, and prohibits authorities slaughtered in several states, including the state of Haryana where the incident occurred. And he threw the Indian authorities arrested the suspects and charged them with two counts of rape and murder, according to the "BBC". Meaout and occupied the city which witnessed the incident, is overwhelmingly Muslim, the headlines recently in India, after a senior official in the city said that the police "biryani dishes were searching for traces of oxen meat."