Iranian newspaper headlines on Tuesday

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Tuesday, 13.09.2016.
Truce in Syria enters into force .. and Moscow confirms that the agreement does not include a no - fly zone
Iraqi forces repel attack for źDaesh╗ in western gray wet
836 billion barrels .. the size of Iran 's reserves of oil and gaseous condensate
Tehran: Mona disaster showed that the Saudi regime , which has undermined the security of the peoples of the region efficiency
Kayhan Arab
Holiday Yemen long after the massacre in Al - Saud welcome children and famine exacerbated by the unjust blockade
Khatami: should prosecute criminals Al Saud in Islamic court
Zarif: Saudi regime is cruel and useless system logic and servant of arrogance and Zionism
More than 50 towns and villages Spanish intersection entity Zionist enemy .
Iranian MP: Iran to Andham FATF ensures the establishment of banking relations with the world
Rouhani visit Venezuela and the United States and Armenia
Pneumonia destabilize the electoral equations in America
The distillation unit , the refinery "curtain" on the Persian Gulf ready to start its activity
Salehi: There was no secret agreement between Iran and the Group 5 + 1 never
The era of Iran: Clinton infected with pneumonia
Marco Rubio: Obama to prove he did not return to Iran any religion
The Iranian embassy in Turkey: two wounded by the explosion of two Iranians and eastern Turkey
Velayati: will follow in New York delays America in the implementation of nuclear deal
Rouhani to New York and Latin America ... and will deliver a speech at a seventy session of the General Assembly of the United Nations
Demonstrations wide in front of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa home after the Eid al - Adha prayers
Killing "Nangarhar" a police commander in Afghanistan after a roadside bomb
Rowhani , will meet some of the world 's leaders in Venezuela and New York
Gabri Ansari: Iran welcomes truce in Syria
Bandar bin Sultan , the Saudi Prince , who became emir terrorists
Salehi: will be built 360 - megawatt power plant in Darkhovin new design
Brigadier Algerian: Iranian boats behave within the framework of the International Laws
Ayatollah Khatami: should be tried and punished by the Al Saud
Hamas: foreign interference canceled the Palestinian elections
French Prime Minister: France frustrate every day terrorist attack plan
Expectations cancel mother Daesh of the US presidential election
Iraqi parliamentary: The last election was held in Saudi Arabia , when a person was chosen from each tribe to kill the Prophet (s)
Ayatollah Khatami: should the House of Saud trial in an Islamic court
Israel rushed to Msad Paris to suppress Muslims in France
Homeland Emrouz
September 11 , Hillary Clinton .... expectations alter the Democratic nominee
The elimination of a terrorist group in Sarawan
Bagheri Major General expresses the hope that the elimination of terrorists
Isolation of many military leaders in Saudi Arabia
Source: Iranian newspapers