Pilgrims begin the first days of al

The pilgrims began on Tuesday , the first three days of Tashreeq where pilgrims spend in Mina for the night of 11, 12 and 13, or two nights for those who wanted to rush.
And equipped with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority 200 ambulatory band field equipped with medical equipment and supplies and 100 ambulance operates through 37 emergency cash center in Mina total strength of 507 specialists from doctors and specialists, paramedics and support services.
MOI Spokesman Maj . Gen. Mansour al- Turki said that " the government authorities in the context of the completion of the remainder of the pilgrimage plans this year, especially throw the three Jamarat first days of al At the second and third days of al before the pilgrims House of God leaves to the Holy City to complete the remainder of the Nskhm ".
According to the Saudi authorities that any incidents not recorded in this year 's season, where he carried out the rituals in ease and ease.