MP accuses "Asayish" prevent the grille from joining the crowd

Threatened MP Badr parliamentary bloc nostalgic Qadu, on Tuesday, Kurdish "Asayish" forces tighten the noose on the Shabak in Erbil and prevent them from joining the crowd the popular Shiite fighters.
He Qadu in a press statement, said that "within the declared war on the sons of the popular crowd by Kurdish security forces known Balosaah, are these forces Btadhaq down on the sons of the Shabak residents of Arbil and Associates to the banner of the Shabak within the crowd forces through summoned to the headquarters of the Asayish and warning them not to enrollment Brigade. "
Qadu alleged that Kurdish forces "threatened to expel the families from the region in the case not to cut their relationship with the troop buildup."
He pointed out that "these hostile practices of the security forces , Kurdish subsidiaries (the President of the Kurdistan Region) Massoud Barzani to the sons of the crowd, is located in desperate attempts to prevent the crowd from participating in the liberation of Nineveh province to pass Ojindath expansion."
Qaddo and called on the Iraqi government and commander in chief of the armed forces and factions of the crowd to "condemn such hostile practices, and stand strong emphasis agendas targeting the unity of Iraqi territory by targeting small components of Iraq and the targeting of their home areas."